When is my order shipping out?

-Our shop normally runs at at a 2-3 week turn around time due to volume of orders we receive daily on top of being a stay at home mama!  All PRE ORDERS are 4-6 weeks! I always try my best to get items in the mail as soon as I can but please be patient as we will never send an item out past a deadline. Please feel free to contact me if you haven't received a tracking number in your inbox by the estimated shipping deadline! We do take holidays and Sundays off. 

I need help with sizing, what size do I order if my son/daughter wears ____ in shoes?

-Sure! I am always happy to help with sizing questions! Please keep in mind that our moccasin sizing is in INCHES and not regard shoe sizes! To get your childs correct size, measure their for while flat on the ground and add .25-.5 inches to that measurement and select that size from the drop down box in the moccasin listing you wish to purchase. Please note that adding more than a half inch to your child's foot measurement WILL make the moccasins way to big to wear. Moccasins are supposed to fit more snug like a sock.  

Do you use real leather?

-YES! Our leather is of the highest quality and is not cheap! We always strive for making the best products by starting with only the finest quality genuine leather!

Do you actually hand make everything?

-I dye cut and sew all moccasins from start to finish! Each pair has a lot of time and detail poured into them! I design each pattern and handpick fabric for each seasonal apparel collection. We are so blessed to have a team of local women seamstresses that help us sew up all of our apparel items! 

Do you take custom orders?

We do not take custom apparel orders at this time. We also cannot make custom sizes in our moccasins due to the fact that we have a big leather dye cut machine that cuts out out sizes for us!

Does your apparel run true to size?

-yes, we have found that all of our apparel runs true to size! We always try and put sizing recommendations under each item if it runs smaller or bigger!  I always suggest sizing up if your babe is at the end of a size (example, if they are wearing 18 month clothes I would suggest a 18-24 month size versus a 12-18).

Do you do wholesale?

Occasionally. If you have a wholesale request please send us an email and we can discuss if we would be a good fit and are taking on more wholesale clients.