Chocolate Brown Moccasins
Chocolate Brown Moccasins
Chocolate Brown Moccasins

Chocolate Brown Moccasins

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LEATHER MOCCASINS: These cute trendy classic style moccasins are handmade out of the most genuine top quality leather. They have an elastic band around the opening for easy on and off as well as to hold them in place for walking and playing! These can be worn indoors or outdoors and are great for babies of all ages! Turn around time for these are 2-3 weeks plus shipping.

BENEFITS OF SOFT SOLE SHOES: Soft sole shoes are much less likely to inhibit a baby's ability to walk. Soft soles are unique because they allow your child to extend their toes and grip the floor as if they were walking barefoot. Soft sole shoes can also help children improve their balance and coordination as they grow.

These are sized in half inch increments for the most custom fit. To figure out what size you need just simply measure the bottom of your baby's foot from heel to big toe and then add .25-.5 inches to your babies raw foot measurement! Please note that adding more than a half inch will make these WAY to big for your little one to wear. Below are general sizing for those of you who are ordering for a gift or don't know each measurement!

3.25 inches- newborn
3.5 inches- 0-3 months
4.0 inches- 3-6 months
4.5 inches 6-12 months
5.0 inches 12-18 months
5.5 inches 18-24 months
6.0 inches 2-2.5 years
6.5 inches 2.5-3 years
7.0 inches 3 years

***you are responsible for measuring and ordering the correct sizing- above sizing in months is a general guide. Every babies foot is unique and measures different at different ages- I cannot accept returns due to the ordering of a wrong size***